I'm a mom with kids that live on their own now.  I can't be there to protect my young adult daughters or son.  They are out and about, walking & driving all hours of the day and night in THE REAL WORLD.  Crimes continue to take place and they are part of the society that is walking among the very dregs of our world.  I worry.  I pray.  I hope that they are prepared (we've talked & talked about hypothetical scenes) to fight and protect their very lives if ever confronted with a criminal who means them harm.  My son, well…he's a big dude.  He carrys a gun on him pretty much everywhere.  My girls, are girls.  They worry about looking good and getting to and fro where they're heading.  They are a little higher on my concern list than he is.  Parents:  you get this, right?

I spent a great deal of time last night searching for a security company to engage our home security system.  The family before us obviously had it installed but trying to figure out where to begin our own service was proving to be a mystery.  If you know me (and most of you do), you know that I just moved from a location where we rarely locked our doors.  Matter of fact, we ONLY locked up at night (and sometimes that was forgotten) and when we were on a vacation.  Otherwise, our house sat there open for anyone who stopped by or happened to need something.  Most of our family was in and out throughout the day, so it never seemed risky.  Besides, the neighborhood….was a safe and rather secure area of our community.  Everyone that lives there practices what I'll call an open door policy.  Most of the time.

Plus, someone IS ALWAYS HOME around there!

The news is full of horrible instances not far from where I live right now.  Every day, and I do mean every day….the local news is heavy with cases of shootings, home invasions and random deaths by crazy criminals who are filled with evil and ill intentions.  The home invasion stuff really bothers me.  So does the people being shot and killed while grocery shopping.  What is going on?  It's no surprise that this evil is all around us.  It's not just in the Indy area.  It's everywhere!

So, what can we do?

For me, I realize that a security system alone can't save me from a bad buy.  Not even owning all the guns in the world can stop someone from trying to kill and rob me.  But as my hubby and I have discussed repeatedly….they are definitely going to have a serious fight on their hands.  During the night last night, a family was broken into in our city.  They reacted in a way that I bet surprised their attacker, they beat him up with a golf club!  They held him down until the police arrived!  Hoorah for them!

Why are we living like victims?

Don't be afraid to live!  Be empowered to protect yourself and your family.  Many just don't feel comfortable owning and using guns and that makes me sad.  Educating yourself and your family to guns shouldn't be such a guilt-filled event.  No one wants to be assaulted.  I can't think of anybody that wants to see their family held by criminals and then killed (this has happened nearby just recently) because of someone's disgusting lack of care for others.

Protect yourself.  Protect your family.  Be prepared for what CAN HAPPEN!  Have a family gameplan.  Do what it takes to stop a bad guy!

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