The Good Life

our loveWhat does that really mean?  The good life?  Who decides what the good life is?  Is it perfect health?  Tons of cash?  A big loving family?

I don't know and I bet you don't either.  Why?  Because the good life is probably something a little different for everyone.

Happiness can't be a one-size fits all entity.  What I like and what makes me feel warm & fuzzy may not mean a hill of beans to someone else.  Honestly, I'm glad.  Otherwise, we'd all be these boring robots focused on all the same joys.

Over the years, hubby and I have often wished for and dreamed outloud together for what WE THOUGHT could make life just perfect (for us).  Everybody does it.  That's what dreams do, they excite us… us to change and fill us with hope.  For a very long time, I had dreams of quitting my job and coming home.  Now that it has happened, it's almost disappointing.  Don't get me wrong, I like it…but its a big change and mixed in with a lot of exclusitivity, it's a little more than I bargained for.

I'm not going to fall into the pit of misery & circumstances.  Mostly because I'm not miserable with my cirumstances.  I'm happy, just a little lonely.  Which brings me to my original thought…..WHAT IS THE GOOD LIFE?

For me?  The Good Life is…

A happy marriage.  Not to be confused with a "perfect" one.  I've been around long enough to know, the perfect marriage DOES NOT EXIST.  Every single day, it is a choice to make marriage work or not.  Many people spend their married days miserable.  Some out of selfish needs or unrealistic expectations….other's out of immaturity or foolishness.  I love my marriage.  I love the very idea that someone loves me enough to think everything about me is important and valuable and I love that God picked me to be HIS wife!  Being happy about it…..only makes it all better.

Well-rounded kids.  Again, not to be confused with "perfect" kids.  For the longest time I wondered how my mothering was going to fare in the end results of my kids.  Looking back, I had no clue what real success looked like.  So, I fantasized that they would be good adults.  The kind that made other's feel comfortable to be around.  More than that….they wouldn't SUCK FROM SOCIETY.  Or SUCK TO SOCIETY.  Perhaps that's a little selfish of me, I don't care.  I wanted them to be productive in our world and I wanted them to be proud of THEMSELVES!  I think they are.  They get it that the world has enough jackholes and I can see that they try to steer clear of being like everybody else.  Being different may be weird to some….but not to me nor to Christ.

A good reputation.  Oh boy!  Here goes, not a perfect reputation…but one of grace.  I don't ever proclaim to be awesome in every way but I sure do try to be.  I heard it over & over during some important formative years (early ministry) that GOD EXPECTS EXCELLENCY!  I believe He does.  I know better so I should do better.  Being just so-so isn't acceptable.  I am a walking face, hands & feet of Jesus at all times.  What I do, say and act like is a complete reflection onto Him.  I don't want to give misleading vibes out to others, ever.  HE IS HOLY!  All the time, it's my job to try to emulate Him. 

Giving & generosity.  I love doing for others.  I would give everything away to bless someone else.  But there are times, I'm selfish.  Not because I think so little of others….but because I think so highly of myself.  My favorite attribute and most frustrating one at the same time (in my hubby) is his generosity.  He is a giver.  He will give you his very last dime.  How he isn't rolling in the blessing dough…I don't know because he is the most let go let God person I've ever met.  I know every good penny that's been given to us is because of our faithfulness and I believe we have also blocked ourselves from blessings because of little doubts of faith or lack of trust when times were rough.  To me, the good life….is being able to give give give and still want to do more.  PS- giving is sometimes painful.  Look out!

Freedom in Christ.  There is real freedom in being a child of God.  My security comes only from Him.  I know, He is able.  He is able to protect me, care for me and save me.  I'm totally living off of Him and His grace & mercy.  His love is neverending!  His glory indescribable!  I'm free because of Him and what He did for me.  He gave me a very expensive ticket for free.  It cost Him everything….but He gave it lovingly to me.  I read a Facebook post earlier today by a young person that reminded again….how confusing life is without God.  I am free…..because of what He's done for me.

These are some of the special ways that I consider myself LIVING THE GOOD LIFE.  What about you?  Are you living it up or are you still searching for whatever it is that floats your boat?  Either way, think about what it is that matters most to you and go, make it happen!


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