I Have a Gift

wasteI've come to realize that I am loaded with gifts.  Some of them brag worthy…others of them, not so much.  Being blessed with fancy abilities seems like a winning problem to have, huh?  Sometimes, its a license to be totally awesome and other times it's a pile of pressure that feels like too much to handle.

Oh, the struggle to be… all of that.

Take for instance my latest discovered gift.  Day wasting.  I have taken day wasting to a level of near professional status.  I've gotten so good at it that it's starting to look like normal everyday living.  See, I'm that good.  I even GET UP EARLY to start my day wasting right.  I mix in productive things within the day too.  Like….cooking breakfast, putting on lounge around the house wear (comfy pants/bra), going outside with the dog and running to the front window to see if anyone's delivered a package from the Amazon.

Don't judge.

I never planned on becoming a day waster.  Matter of fact, I had plans.  I had big plans.  I was going to get out and about….and do important things.  Things that I didn't have time to do before I quit working.  Thrift shopping, DIY projects, decorating my house, making my yard look awesome possum and of course, GETTING INTO SHAPE!

But alas.

I am a certified day waster.  I wander around from early morning until late at night accomplishing very little (thank you WINTER WEATHER fun buster).  I hear more winter is coming our way for February (as I sit here with 6 degrees temp outside).  Oh and another 2-4" of snow coming tonight, then again for the weekend and some more for next week.

Will I ever see my grass again?  Worst winter, ever.

I'm not above playing the blame game.  I feel it's clearly OLD MAN WINTER'S fault that I'm a day waster!  There, I said it.  Owning it!

What are you doing to be a productive human being during this winter wonderland? 


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