All 3 Same Day

I hate driving at night. I’m blind to normal sights thanks to darkness. I misjudge distances and think I see things that aren’t there. But as I drove home last night at 7:15pm in the dark, I couldn’t stop smiling.

My heart was full of joy because I was able to see, touch and love on all 3 of my kids in the same day!!!


Driving an hour plus in the blackness didn’t even faze me!!!

I had to pick up a prescription from our doctor back south and lucky for me, my youngest had class cancelled.  I picked her up on my way by and we did the running around stuff together.


I loved being out & about with my girl.  I’ve missed seeing her and we got caught up on all that life’s been dealing us.


We ran by Gavin’s too.  He left his Alabama beanie at our house, so we dropped it by on our way.  Good hugs make a mama happy.

I ended the day with both girls.  A TJ Maxx run and a chili dog from Rally’s.


Mama of 3 grown awesome kids

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