Winner Winner

It's no secret, my beloved Peyton Manning and the Broncos lost the Super Bowl.  It was painful to watch such a killer shut-out game!  I felt sick the whole time and even though the Seattle Seahawks are "nice dudes"….I still wanted #18 to hold up that Lombardi trophy after that ballgame.

Moving on.

I cooked and THEY CAME!  Who, you wonder?  All three of my punks!

Friday was full of grocery store shopping, meet & greet small group time and a bit of cooking for my favorite guests to arrive.  When we returned home from making NEW FRIENDS at church, all three of our darlin's were there.  It was one of the best Friday nights I've had in a long time.  We gathered around the dining table and scarfed down homemade chicken pot-pie and talked about everything.  The night flew by as we laughed and caught up on funny stories.  I have the coolest young adult kids, ever!

They stayed the whole weekend which meant….I cooked all weekend!  And I loved it!

This morning as my sweet girls drove away, I had a full heart and a smile on my face.  Oh and I was wearing pj's & a furry housecoat…..because, I'm blessed to be at home to hang out with my family as they come & go.  I like that!

Highlights of my weekend:

No matter the meal….pot-pie, lasagna, chicken wings or monkey bread – I heard –> "Yum or This is so good!"  I'll take those compliments, kids!  Thanks!

Everybody borrowing clothes.  My closet had a revolving door of borrowers.  Not only did they borrow my stuff, they also borrowed their dads!  How ironic!

Disco showers.  Hubby installed the coolest shower spray nozzle in the main bath.  It lights up and warns the user of the water temperature.  Seems as though a few people used it IN THE DARK as a disco shower.  Crazy people!  Little things impress em!

Knock-knocks on my bedroom door.  Lots of visits, tons of talking and endless laughing.  Gee, I miss them!

Dog hugging & kissing.  Both dogs are so much fun and they were probably over loved on this weekend….but who cares?  They are worth spoiling!

Church.  Together.  I consider it a privilege to have my family together but to kick it up a notch….attending church with them is extra cool!

I am rich in blessings and after a weekend as awesome as this one….I consider myself a total winner! 



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