Thank God

Have you heard?  Matthew McConaughey THANKED GOD during his speech at the Oscars last night.  The nerve. 

What about the weird slow clap celebration after he said it?  I don't think I've ever heard so much chatter about who someone thanked before.  Usually the big focus is on WHAT EVERONE WAS WEARING!  The fashion seems to have taken backstage to the BIG God talk story.

Since I can't keep quiet about how I feel on pretty much most topics….I thought I'd share what I found interesting about it all.

First, Matthew McC is clearly one of the COOL KIDS in Hollywood.  Everyone knows the power being in that club holds.  People don't just knock down the "cool kids", ever.  They are elite!  They run with the big dogs!  They don't have to do anything to prove they are worthy of the love & admiration they recieve.  They are golden!  And Matthew McC?

He's cool, all the time….under most circumstances and people love him for it.  He has a platform with which people are willing to listen.  His smooth personality (and I really do think he's likable) wins the hearts of most people.  His charm is inviting and his looks make him a pleasure to watch.  He even has that ability to make you think…he's just like you & me (only he's not, he's uber famous).  So, we feel "comfortable" with him and the things he says.

Unless, you're in Hollywood circles and happened to be sitting in the celeb-filled Oscar audience last night.  Then, it's awkward!

People are shocked that he thanked God.  Why?  I don't get it.  Superstars say that kind of stuff all the time.  Some of them even mix it in with some profanity and stagger off tipping up the Patrone bottle.  Thanking God doesn't make you a Christian.  People say, "Thank God" all the time and have no idea WHO THAT REALLY IS.

Now, I'm not saying Matthew McC doesn't know him….I'm just saying it isn't worth all the hoopla the media is giving it today.  He said it, the audience acted odd and the media ran with the strange phenom as fodder for controversy.  Who cares?

I'll tell you…who.  Non-believers.  People who want to make a big deal out of it.  They want to prove to people who do love God that He is weird and awkward and publicly thanking him makes you look stupid.  So, by the strange reaction of intelligent people like the Oscar audience….hopefully, the Bible bangers will get the hint and knock it off.  Stop putting so much credence into a God that doesn't deserve it.

Second, knowing what we know about Matthew McC being one of the cool kids….we know that people tend to look for someone to follow.  It's just the way most of us are hardwired.  We seek out a path and people of influence have power over us.  Listening to MM thank God suddenly opened the door for other celebs to thank him too.  At least, that's how I see it anyway.  His willingness to speak openly paves the way for others to show a little bit of God to an industry that openly mocks Him.  People will be saying thank you to God…..just you wait and see.

Now, I'd like to think that somehow…..this opens the hearts of many who otherwise wouldn't give God the time of day.  Maybe, just maybe someone will soften up and seek out the one true God because of the influence of a celeb like Matthew McC.  It can happen.  And it's okay for you & me to pray for people like him to be genuine salt & light in a world full of darkness.

Who knows, maybe he will continue to share his faith on every level.  If he's anything like he leads us to believe….we haven't heard the last of this big star!

Thank God!


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