Do Not Google It

For the last few days, I've been feeling a little "under the weather".  Since I'm a professional over-the-counter medical expert…..I've been trying to SELF TREAT all my symptoms.  I know, I know….GO TO THE DOCTOR!  But it's such a dang hassle!

Today, the pain has started to get the best of me so I thought I'd Google it and see if I could confirm or deny some of the possibilities of my making it out alive.  Maybe you've done this to yourself too.  I'm now feeling even worse!  It's probably bad medicine to go symptom searching online.  Every conclusion there is doom and more doom!

For me, I'm either dealing with some sort of cancer or more serious issues that if, go untreated can affect the rest of my body in a harmful way.  WHAT?  Talk about scare tactics!!!

It has come to this, y'all.

I'm at the age now where every little ache and pain equal SERIOUS CONCERN!  Chalk it up to paranoia or the nothing better to do than worry… but I don't like feeling ill.  Even more so, when the pain won't go away I can't help but feel that's the body's way of saying, "ALERT! Something isn't right!".

Which brings me to the next issue.  I'm a woman.  Women tend to put things off or ignore them.  Some of us even justify "checking it out" because of all the hassle involved with going to the doctor.  But then again, with every stabbing pain…..I keep imagining going in and the doctor sending me straight on over to the hospital.  Because "it" has gone too far.

See my crazy rationalizing?

So, here I sit wondering if I should trust the Google or just go on to the doctor.  Whichever happens…..I don't recommend you Google your symptoms, ever!  Unless you are ready to be veeeeeeeeery sick!


Help me to feel well soon.  Don't let me make a foolish error with my health but also don't let me be falsely alarmed by something simple.  My body is a temple and I don't want to mistreat it in any way.


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