St. Paddy’s Day Baby

IMG_0310DSC_1694IMGP1037MVC-001SMVC-028SIMGP0639I've been pouring myself into her life for the last 21 years.  It matters to me WHO SHE IS in this world.  I was 26 years old when God placed her in my arms and said, "Get busy!".  Even though I was already a mother, things got REALLY real when the doctor said…"It's a girl!".  All my strategies of loving and caring would need tweaking.  Little girls are nothing at all like baby boys. 

My world, as I knew it…..would never be the same.

God is so very clever.  He knows what a task is going to involve and He kindly grows us as we navigate the map of motherhood.  I was smitten, madly in love and all out crazy for the baby girl God gave to me. Which is a good thing, because the hard days have a way of robbing you & me of the energy to do the tough stuff when it's most important.  Raising kids isn't for the wimpy ones!

This mothering thing, has been my most treasured gift.

Today's a big day.  Turning 21 is monumental to most American children.  For my girl, that number doesn't mean the same as it does to her peers.  She's not excited to buy an alcoholic drink or go to a bar and post the picture on social media.  For her, this day just puts her one day closer to being old enough to be like her mom.  She loves being a young woman and she celebrates all that goes with that every single day.  While most girls are just trying to fit in…..Ally is setting her feet on solid ground and preparing for all that's ahead of her.  She wants a life that matters!

I wonder where she got that…

If I had an audience of young mother's to address right now….I would tell them, give your very all to the job of mothering.  Do it with all your heart.  Don't fall for the lie that purposeful investing doesn't pay off.  You only have one chance at this job.  There is no backing up and trying again.  Be wise and take good care of yourself, make time for fun breaks and really love your husband with genuine care IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS!  All of that is part of the training that helps round out healthy kids and gives you & them a solid ground to stand upon once they are all grown and gone.  Because, they will grow up and go.

I wish I had words to describe how grateful I am that God picked me to mother the River Dance loving girl, the same one who won't get caught dead wearing a t-shirt as clothes.  He knew her and He knew me and in HIS INFINITE wisdom put us together, forever.  Thank you God!  My life, my heart is full because of this sweet Irish girl born on St. Patrick's Day so long ago.


I love you so much!


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