Wish List

It's quiet here!  The dust has finally settled and the party is officially over.  Today, I'll take down what is left of the birthday celebration and put it all away.  One blaring conclusion that I've gleaned from a long weekend of partying is…

We are living like old people.

I confess, both hubby and I were so tired last night that we fell into bed like we'd been on a long safari.  Even Miss Lizzy is living in recovery mode.  Who knew having an empty nest would make us so rested?

Don't worry, I'm all about filling my house with people and love any time I can get them to come.  But there's some good vibes in having nothing to do or anyone to entertain….and I will cherish both noisey days and lonely ones too!  God is good and I feel blessed to have access to both!

I've been doing a little wish therapy today.  Some call it online shopping but I'm not actually buying anything, just getting my wish list together for when I DO WANT TO PURCHASE some goodies.  I've found some great stuff.

My next book to read –>  The Traitors Wife

My plan for a safe tan –>  Tan Towels

My MUST HAVE to pair with white jeans –>  J. Crew Chambray Shirt  It's on sale!!!

Once again, a bench I'm convinced I need –>  porch bench

And lastly, I stumbled upon this blog and seriously had a laugh out loud experience.  Mainly, because I am so good at making little inconveniences a MONUMENTAL issue in my life and seeing a glimpse of how silly whiney complaints must seem to the NON-complainers…..I had to link it up!  You are welcome! 

So, I'm off.  No more wishy listy time!  I have a big day tomorrow full of substitute teacher training and well, you know how busy my life is when my family's all gone. 


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