5 Good Reasons to Get Out of Bed

I’m not a morning person.  Not at all.  I don’t like talking or being sweet early in the morning.  Matter of fact, I’m what some might call a grouch in the mornings.  I don’t mean to be grumpy, I just wake up feeling really tired in the mornings. So, it takes me a little bit to get going.   I’ve figured out some handy ways to manage my attitude each day and trust me, being pro-active with attitude makes a huge difference in OUTLOOK.

Here are MY 5 GOOD reasons to get out of bed:

1 — Because I CAN!  I’m getting older by the minute and  I realize every single day is a gift.  Why waste it?  My life is worth feeling joyful about and so is yours!  Get up and be thankful God gave you one more day to live and love those around you.

2 — Someone is counting on me and you!  It’s true.  I don’t know who is or isn’t in your life but someone is expecting you (me).  Show up, and smile when you get there.

3 — It feels right!  Sleeping late is nice every once in a while, but really…getting up at a respectable hour helps your brain & body function at a much better pace.  Plus, you get to enjoy the whole day.  Of course, I’m talking around 8-9 am as a good wake up time because you know, mornings…

4 — Routines help us!  Our bodies thrive when we take good care of them.  Having a daily routine sets our body in motion to perform its best.  If you’ve raised a baby or two, then you know how important having a good routine is for functioning positively.

5 — Great things happen, every day!  I don’t want to miss anything awesome.  Ever.  I have found that when I get up and grab the tiger by the tail….something exciting always seems to happen.   It may be something simple like .73 cents credit in my Amazon account or a comment from a reader on my blog.  But I get it – all because I didn’t waste my morning by staying in bed.

It’s a fact, I’m up late every night.  That lifestyle makes it even harder to love mornings.  But remembering to seize the day (morning) really does help me be the better me.  And face it, the world NEEDS the best me!  And YOU!

I’m not always feeling my best.  Help me grab hold of every day with the positive outlook that honors You.

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