Dressed for Success


In case you were wondering…

I am fully dressed today.   I went to bed last night wondering if I'd get called in to sub and woke up bright and early to that 6am phone call.


Most high schools don't take kindly to fuzzy bathrobes,  or so I hear.  Which is okay with me since getting dressed does wonders for your attitude.  Right?

I'm happy and it has to be related to getting up & at it…or the fact that I'm working in AP US History classes.  Smart people are fun!!

Speaking of smart people,  I miss my hubby.  Texas is going to keep him busy for months.  I know he hates being gone …but somebody's gotta do it.  Hunters want to hunt and they'll need a lodge to stay in.  Sulphur Bluff's Hageman Reserve opens in October!  If all goes as planned.

I can hang on a little longer.  For the sake of all those hunt club members.  I know it will be worth it!!

Have a great Wednesday!

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