Bathrobes All Day, Baby

I didn't work today.  But that didn't stop the automated calling machine from calling me over 10 times!  I'll admit it, that's not a good thing for our "relationship"!  I'm not one to be bossed around, usually.  But when it comes to 6:03am through 8 something A.M. — it's probably safe to conclude I will be rebellious!   This dudette considers SLEEP a love language!

It's my own fault though.  I have a tiny bit of control over the calling and picking of work days.  With the exception of some "rules" shared during the Sub Training class…..turning off the calling mode is an admittance of YOU CAN'T COUNT ON ME TO WORK so they put you into the non-work day category.  I don't want a reputation, you guys!  So, instead of admitting that I was unavailable for today….I paid the Piper and fought with my ringing (yes it was on silent) phone all morning.

Then….got an email!

Boy, they're serious about subs around here!

I had no idea that I had signed up for a NO CHOICE part-time job.  I thought substituting was one of those no pressure-work-when-you-can jobs.  I'm not looking to make a career here.  Plus, I'm not willing to go where I don't feel my best.  Elementary and middle school grades are foreign missionary lands to me.  I am old enough to know what I'm best at and I'd like to think that I have some control over my life….therefore, I will handpick my jobs!  Ok, Aesop?

That's enough early morning banter.  You're probably wondering why I'm still in my bathrobe at 1pm in the afternoon.  Or not.  I have no solid excuse.  Other than I am being lazy and I woke up to a crazy snow day outside.  Lame, I know.  I kissed my hubby off to Texas this morning and had BIG PLANS to color my hair, exercise and wash the dog.  I'm still getting ready to do it.  All of it.  Really.

So now that I've admitted to such atrocious laziness….I'm getting jiggy with it and taking off this pink robe so I can cover my inch long gray roots.  To make it look like I'm a real go-getter, I'm even going to wash my bedding and the smelly dog!  Not together.

Don't call me.  I won't answer.  Even if you call 10 times!


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