Found It

wpid-20140323_160738.jpgConsider this a happy announcement:  My lost camera has been found!!

I take zero credit for the finding of it.  But I totally own the losing of it back in good ole December.   Seems like I was in some sort of packing hurry.  My fave guy found it deep at the bottom of a tall box packed with framed art from our old family room.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I lose things.  I search for things.  Constantly.

On Friday,  I bought a big beautiful sweet potato for a steak dinner I planned to cook over the weekend.  Yea, lost it!  Or perhaps the lady loading my groceries snagged it.  She looked hungry!  Either way, no potato for us… I cooked a package of frozen sweet potato patties.  Not the same, at least I could find them.

I've also been on the hunt for my flat iron since moving.  Finally,  I gave up and bought a new one YESTERDAY.  Guess what I found as soon as I got back home?  Yea, my stinking flat iron.   I'm beginning to think I have a problem.   Or many problems.

The best I can do is try to be more organized and then maybe….I won't lose everything!

I'm still doing the happy dance over my camera.  Thanks Honey!!


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