Back to School



My life since December 20th has been relatively quiet….and boring.   Not every day,  just many of them.  Today, I embark on another NEW chapter.


A new school, full of strangers….with so many differences and yet so many similarities.  On my drive in this morning, I noticed the sights on my roads look very different at 7:45am than they do in the afternoon hours.  I haven't had to get up and hustle in months.

It was sort of fun!!!

I didn't really think much about my encounter with new students until I was already on my way to school.  It hit me…..Will they like me?  I had nothing to prove at my old school.  I knew everyone, they loved me like I am mostly because I had grown on them.

I miss them.  But God has a plan and I have to move on.  I can't sit around hoping people like me.  It's GO time!  I have 45 days left to leave a little piece of my heart with the staff & students of Zionsville Community High School.

I'm so glad to be back to work!  And it's on my favorite day……Friday jeans day!!!!

You love on me in the sweetest of ways.  Shine bright through me here in this new place.

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