Good Tuesday

You know how Monday’s have a nasty reputation?  Well…

Yesterday will go down in history (my history anyway) as one of the most challenging days ever.  Don’t worry, I have no intentions of reliving it here.  Once was more than enough, really… and you don’t deserve to suffer through ALL of my life struggles.  A few here & there, maybe. 




Today has already shown me JOY does come in the morning.  Yesterday is long gone and today is treating me awesome! 

I just finished reading Elizabeth Smart’s book.  If you ever fall into the pit of feeling sorry for yourself…knowing what she survived might inspire you to do otherwise.  I was riveted by her sheer will to live and someday be found.  Her very sad story comes with an amazing end or shall I say,  beginning!?

She reminds me that while horrible things can happen…God can turn evil and hurt into forgiveness and victory.   My troubles yesterday do not compare to the horrors of kidnapping, rape and abuse.  So, enjoying today seems like the right thing to do.

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

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