Goose Fight

Every once in a while I take Miss Lizzy out back of our house beyond the privacy fence.  It’s a nice wooded area full of awesome doggy snif spots and a thawed out pond.

She runs free as if she were kept prisoner normally.  All lies of course.



Yesterday she wandered on over the hill towards the pond.  Next, I heard the most ferocious barking.  She would bark and run back.  Then, get up her courage… turn and run back towards her enemy.  I knew she was asking for trouble as soon as I heard THE HISSING.  I tried everything to call her back to me.  It was as if my voice only spurred her on.  She got even crazier.

So, I ran to save her because by this time…old mother goose was chasing her back up the hill.  Do you know how mean geese can be?  Well, I’ll tell you.  They are wicked mean.  They will run you down, honking and hissing and I’m almost positive…they can keel keel keel!


I thought I had Miss Lizzy convinced to retreat but she gave it one more shot and ran at the giant killer goose who let her have it!!!!  The screaming cries from little miss brave heart told me she understood the danger now.  Until she turned around for one more try at putting the goose on its way….which is where I tell you how fast I had to turn and run for my own life. 

With a big fast goose hot on my heels!!!

Good news.  Lizzy survived, I made it back to my yard and the mean old goose is floating happily in the pond.

Goose wins!!

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