It Just Gets Better & Better

Just when I thought life had hit the pinnacle of awesome… chance moment of picking out a new yogurt catapulted my lame life into a joy that surpasses even having THE Publisher's Clearing House van parked outside my house.

Who knew yogurt could be so danged good?

To be completely honest, I hadn't eaten a bite of ANY yogurt in over a year.  I'm one of "those" people who can live forever without ever touching a cup of yogurt.  It's not that I hate it, I simply never hanker for yogurt. 

Until now.  I will never look at yogurt the same again.

CHOBANI FLIPS has literally stolen my heart and my stomach for life!

2014-04-09 09.18.31

See it, memorize it….buy it!  Love it!  You are welcome! 

The only reason I bought it was because the package had my favorite food items pictured on it; chocolate, almonds and some coconut.  I naively put two cartons in my cart never thinking that my life was about to change so drastically.

2014-04-09 09.18.19

Too bad you can't SEE delicious, because that is a vision of YUM YUM YUM!

So, you heard it here people…CHOBANI YOGURT is my favorite yogurt and I'm betting it will be yours too!

Worth every 240 calories per serving!

PS- They have several other flavors too.  Not just the one I mentioned.

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