Is It Me?



Judas would bargain with the life of Jesus for 30 silver pieces and then have the nerve to question him (the Lord Jesus), "Is it me, Rabbi?".  Reading the scripture (Matthew 26:14-25) of that Passover meal moment today….most of us find it rather gutsy or even downright disgusting.

Who betrays Jesus?  Who betrays Jesus in the worst of ways and then behaves as if he knows nothing about it?

I do and you do too.

In my new church, communion is offered each service… which is new for me (a good ole Baptist girl).  Every week, I find myself clearing out piles of garbage from my heart as I sit reflecting on what Christ Jesus has done for me.  As I think on this "new to me" church practice, I recognize how much I actually look forward to it.  I think it has something to do with my need for heart accountability along with my personal opportunity to thank HIM for what HE has done for me.  His death… me life.

I may not recieve 30 silver pieces for betraying Christ…but I teeter on the edge of making my own self look good when I try to fit in with people around me and by conforming to those who are not in alignment with God.  It may be in some simple way that I blow off the Lord for something I want selfishly but betrayal it all is just the same.  Like Judas, my reward is regret and sorrow.

I think about how Judas must have felt once he realized just what he had done to Jesus.  Then, I think about how many times I've been just as neglectful with my relationship with Christ.  While I haven't handed my Lord over to murderers….I have pretended to be cooler than I am and skipped out on opportunities to share Jesus with people in my midst (maybe too afraid to speak up).  Either way, I have NO room to judge Judas.  I'm just as pathetic as every other sinner.

But, good news.  Jesus knew all along how awful I would be and that I would need Him & His forgiveness.  So, on to Calvary He went…


I'm guilty.  I betray you.  I neglect you.  Yet you still love me.  Forgive me for my pathetic faith and renew in me a fire that no one or thing can squelch!


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