It’s Friday and you know what that means….


Jeans day baby!!

I’m still adjusting to the new noises of living in a different house.  This morning when I woke up, I thought I was hearing someone frying food, like chinese food….only it was raining on my crazy angled roofed house.  

No fry rih fo you!

I’ve had a great week at school.  It’s fun being with students that are hard-working and driven, they love learning and I get it because I do too.  Only I’m not hankering to hone my skills in the AP Honors Bio world.   I’m more of a street smart mama! 

True story.

It’s also prom weekend here.  Who gets to have their prom at the Indy Children’s Museum?  I’m jealous and even a little sad.  This will be my first year in…..I can’t say how long that I won’t be chaperoning all the pretty dressed sweaty punks.

No worries though…

My empty nest got a little messed up this week.  Number 1 son moved, piece by piece to our quiet house along with his big energy – filled dog (Gracie).  A mess that will take plenty of time to organize and make homey. 

Wish me luck and much creativity.   Our stuff/space ratio is perhaps off a bit.

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