Where’s My Cape?

Don't you hate it when your plans go all awry?  You know, accepting a sub job for the day or getting your hair done?  All kaput for a kid emergency?

Yea, that's the life of a mom!

super girl mom

I've just had to "cancel" subbing a 1/2 day position that I accepted on Friday for today.  I felt so bad about doing it but what else could I do?  I have a kid dying in pain and the Endodontist had a 1:00pm appointment.  Besides, who doesn't want to give away $1300 doll hairs on a rainy Monday?  Duh, no one!

This is what happens when you have a back molar go crazy and abcess over the weekend.  Poor guy was in so much pain — luckily in our arsenal of meds, he had a prescription of HydroCo…from his wisdom teeth surgery (that he never needed) and he slept through much of the pain for over 12 hours.

These are the moments that moms everywhere understand….you just have to drop whatever else you had planned and DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE!

super mama

Hope you feel better soon, son!

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