I skipped out yesterday.  Skipped school, housework and blogging.  Somedays you just have to switch things up a bit and do something more important.


Invest in a child who might be bigger than you….but has a young impressionable heart that’s still hungering for guidance.


See, she may appear all grown up and together…..but a girl always needs her mama.  So stopping the life bus and hopping off for some fun is what we did.

She’s just finished up her semester of college and had a couple of days off from work, so the timing was perfect for a visit.   We slept in, played with the dogs and went thrift shopping.  Oh and we also hit Starbucks & Whole Foods (not thrifty) because we are glamorous like that.

We ended the rainy night by watching tv and hopping in the hot tub at midnight.  The storm shushed for just enough time to relax and laugh a little outside in the cool night.  I love having my kids around.  They remind me to LIVE!  Not just exist.   Life is exciting and everchanging!  I don’t want to grow stagnant…..not in my person or physical self nor in my mental thinking.

And even more so in my spiritual self.   I want to grow, stretch and experience all that God has for me.  I want that for each of my kids as well.  I don’t have forever to skip responsibility for free days…, I’m going to use every chance I can to love and invest in the people who need me most.

Do you need a skip day?


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