Back to High School

On my way to work this morning,  I heard a story on the radio about a 30 year old lady who was arrested for impersonating a 15 year old girl……

……by going back to high school!

I'm not making this up! 

For many, this is a nightmare.  Who in their right mind would want to face all those demons again?  Pimples, gigantic bangs, high-waisted jeans…high-top tennis shoes?  High school can be harsh!  I have no room to judge because since my own high school graduation……I've spent many days wandering the halls of a high school.  Only,  NOT as a teenager or a teenage impersonator!  (like I could get away with it…) Those days are long gone and even if given the chance, I have no desire to go back and relive those strange awkward days.  Once was plenty!  Don't you agree?

My high school experience was fairly positive.   I didn't suffer terrible insecurities or bullying, no one picked on me or made my life miserable and for the most part I made good friend choices.   Still, it was a time of learning who I was (through much trial & error) and there is no way I want to have to start that over……ever again!


I'll tell you this though… women can be catty and mean just like high school girls.  I find it ironic that even at my ripe old age (and I'm celebrating my 30th class reunion in 1 month) there are people who thrive on making other's feel inferior.  Just like the days of mean girls in school. I can't understand why but I'll chalk it up to insecurity.   Everyone wants to be liked, the prettiest, the skinniest, the richest……the most popular!  Too often, they want it bad enough to hurt or cut others down in size.

It doesn't have to be like that. We can all rest assure that heaven is not a place catering to a MOST POPULAR section of occupants.  The playing field as we've all known in this life does not exist the same in heaven.  We're all perfect, finally and no one will be snarky or snubby to anyone…ever.  Won't that be awesome?

In the meantime, why not build up your fellow women friends?

I don't know about you, but I love knowing I don't have to beat anyone with my beauty, brains or income to be special. That's just oh so high school and WHO in the world wants to go back there?

Love God.
Love yourself.
Love other people.
And don't compete!

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