Weddings Already?

Nothing reminds me more that my children aren’t children anymore than weddings.   This weekend was busy for all three of our kids and their friends……as they watched and participated in the beginning of forever for 2 sweet couples.

What a great honor to be the best man in the wedding of your high school best friend.


Gavin and his friend Evan were great friends through high school and have remained close even through college when both went to different schools. They have a history of fun memories together and even a car towing late at night from their friendship. What are friends for, right? I’ve enjoyed watching them both grow up and make good choices for their lives. Evan met Sarita while he was pre-med in Indy, a beauty here from Columbia. I remember when he first brought her home to meet everyone and of course…..he brought her to our house too!

I had the feeling I was meeting his future wife but who knows with college dudes.

Look how beautiful they are together. What a special day!! Congratulations to Evan & Sarita!

A few towns away our daughters were sharing the day with their sweet friends as they said, “I do” in a gorgeous garden wedding at The Inn of Irwin Gardens. It’s a beautiful landmark mansion downtown Columbus, Indiana. I don’t think they could’ve ordered more perfect weather for their wedding day. I love this photo of our daughter, Ally with her handsome boyfriend…… Bobby. From the picture, the day looks perfect!


How exciting to see our kids participate in such special days with their friends. Someday….we will have no choice but to let go of them (our punks) to their forever loves. This weekend reminds me, that day is only getting closer.

What a sacred and joyous thing is marriage! Thank you for my own and I pray fervently for the ones You are preparing for my young adult kids. Guide them with your spirit, fill them with your love and blanket them with your protection of their hearts.

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