WANTED: New Best Friends


Don't misunderstand.  I'm not REPLACING any of my awesome friends.  I just think enough time has gone by here in my NEW LIFE that I should be making some forever new friends.

What is wrong with me?

Last night, my hubby had a meeting with someone from south Indiana in our home.  I felt so excited you'd have thought someone was coming to visit ME!  I thought about it later and the reality of my loneliness really bothered me.

southern girls

Why do we put so much emphasis on friendships?

I believe that having friends is very important, especially to God.  His word tells us; love others, help those who need it, pay attention to people and what they're going through….iron sharpens iron!  Each of us NEEDS friendship.  It makes us better people.  I've been around long enough to know, people also mess up relationships with sin.  That's not the way God designed it….but still, everyone is human and jealousy, bitterness and meanness can creep into each of our lives at some time or another.

I am diligently looking for my next new best friends.  I'm opening my heart to someone – anyone that God might have in store just for me.  Over the years, I've acquired some of the most amazing friends and all of them were strategically placed in my life by GOD!  I know this because each one of them are unique and different …. than me.  I am overwhelmed by the specialness of each friend. 

I would NEVER be able to replace who they are in my life and I wouldn't even think of trying.  However, it is time.

Time for me to spread my wings….and find my new friends!

every friend


I'm not afraid of new friendships.  But I am afraid of never finding them.  Help me be a friend to find a friend.



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