I figured out today that I'm really good at part-timing.  I like doing everything in halves, ya know?  Work 1/2 a day, play 1/2 a day…. 

Tell me, WHO wouldn't?

The way I see it, if you like what you're doing and you get paid for it… it!

We're down to 5 days of school here in Zionsville and teacher's are trying really hard NOT to call in (if you know what I mean?).  However, just like everywhere…people have situations out of their control and need to leave work.  For me, that means a ton of 1/2 day gigs and I love it!  Especially if they are afternoon 1/2 days.  I can sleep in (to a whopping 8am or so) and mosey around with my coffee & dogs and even catch Hoda & Kathie Lee for a bit before I head in to school.  All relaxed & ready!

It's a win- win!

So, I'll be taking my time and using it just the way I like it over the next week.  Every single school day left….I'll be going in 1/2 day!  What more can a part-time lady ask for?


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