First Birthday

The first one to call me mom celebrated turning 24 years old yesterday.  He spent the day with friends on his motorcycle, just the way he wanted.  I've never missed a birthday with any of my kids until this one.  He was up early and gone before I could hug him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then he didn't return home until I was already in bed.  I heard him talking with his dad, so I snuck down and gave him the mama birthday love I missed giving all day long.

gavin and friends

I would get all mushy and sentimental about how fast 24 years have flown by but I know I don't have to do that.  Everyone knows, especially mothers….that the days seem long but the years shorter.  Time has a way of zinging right by us, stealing our youth and turning our babies into adults.

That's life. 


Okay, so my boy is 24! 

He's still my favorite boy in the whole world.  Everything about him (even the annoying stuff) is precious to my heart.  I love him and I'm proud of him.  Together, we have fun.  We laugh about crazy things and can always find interesting topics to discuss, passionately!  He's so much like me and still every bit as similar to his dad.  I like to think that he got what was best from both of us. 

Ya know, a total package!  cool



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