Birdy Take-over

I knew it was coming….


Remember my hot tub bird watching?

This morning as I swigged down my delicous coffee in the hot tub….I noticed Mama bird sitting on the fence (giving me the stank eye) with a nice juicy breakfast hanging out of her mouth.

Since I am married to the bravest man ever……I had him take a new picture – just to see if there were really babies in that nest.  Ya know?  For curiosity sake, really!

my grand birds

And would you looky there!  Four healthy grandbirds!

I wonder just how long before Mama starts trying to scratch my eyes out as I lay in my hot tub?  Also, how long is this nursery life?  I'm not interested in giving up my whole summer for some little squeakers but since I am a PRO LIFE human….I can't think of putting them in danger or death.

So, I'll just be over here like…..I have no backyard.  It's a home to a hostage birdy take-over!

matt 6 26


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