Email Shmemail

Who in this world DOES NOT have an email address?  Just about every single person I know has one and utilizes it on a regular basis.  Pretty much everything we do has some connection to our email.  It's where we get important messages, hear about savvy deals at our fave stores and take a hit when the spam monsters find us!  I'd say that most of us rely pretty heavily upon our email.

It is our link to the world outside of our four wall houses.

I can't remember back in the olden days before having my own email address.  How was life even manageable?  Where did I waste time scrolling aimlessly before that sweet little cyber mail slot came along?  What a bore my life must've been.  How did I know if I won a killer bloggy contest?  Or a reminder for doctor's appointments?  It had to be a pre-historic and lame existence!

Last week, I realized something was wrong with my email because my phone kept sending me FAILED TO LOG IN messages every few hours.  At the time, I assumed that I was just out of range (yea, I know so much about techy stuff) or that my phone was just "acting up".    Either way, I didn't panic!

After this craziness went on for a few days….I figured I might need to let my IT guy know that I haven't received any emial in a while.  He promised to take a look but as usual, life got in the way and we both forgot to check it.  When he finally got to it, it was late at night and he couldn't find anything to do with my email any longer.  As in, it was gone!  It wasn't mine and I wasn't getting it back!  It didn't exist!

I didn't flip out or anything but I did start to wonder…..

[ 1 ]  What if someone's trying to reach me?

[ 2 ]  What if I'm missing an important message?

[ 3 ]  Will I have to start my whole email life over?

[ 4 ]  Where do I even begin to connect with all my IMPORTANT contacts?

[ 5 ]  What is happening to me?  (cause, you know…dramatic)

I'm not the first person to lose email contact with the world.  I know this.  However, it's clear how reliant upon that little world I have become.  I like having my email.  I can go there to find out important information, personal messages and even junk that I don't need to know.  I don't know how much longer I can go without having my email.  I feel like I'm missing something.

There's a great big world out there that thrives and bumps along…..and doesn't have a single thing to do with email!  I suppose this is my chance to live it up and focus on what is important in the here & now.  Email….can wait!

What techy habit can you NOT live without?

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