Dog Day of Summer

Yesterday was terrible!  I say that because every little thing seemed to go bonkers.  My little dog Ms Lizzy has been sick with ear infections for her whole 10 years of life.  Over and over we have battled them with antibiotics and long trips to the best vet in Indiana, Dr. Brester in Bean Blossom Indiana.


He is worth the drive.

However, yesterday…she woke up feeling horrible.  She tried not to throw up inside but twice I had to clean up after her.  Finally she stayed outside a while as the icky feeling passed her.  I knew she needed to see the doctor asap.  So, off we went on the 64 mile drive down curvy hilly roads — to wait in line for over 2 1/2 hours.



It was so blazing hot and Lizzy has not been to the groomer since February so her hair is LONG and fuzzy hot!  Plus, her ears were killing her.  While we were waiting we went next door and purchased a chair.  A big chair!  One of those rocker/recliner chairs and we had to take it apart to fit inside my car for the drive back home.  It was a tight fit but we crammed it in anyway and headed on home after seeing the vet.

We were almost to the neighborhood when Gates (the baby) called to chat about a job interview and ask about a birthday present for Gavin (who could hear her talking).  We chatted until pulling into the driveway where I was trying to get out with the dogs and help Gavin with the chair all while trying to tie up the phone conversation.  Gavin was anxious to get the chair out so he proceeded to pull it out and head inside.  By this time, the dogs were standing in the doorway of the house as he tried to get through the door.  Somehow he dropped the chair!

Miss Lizzy was standing right where the chair fell.

I knew she was injured right away.  I saw the chair hit her!  It was gut-wrenching!  I cried.  She cried.  We all cried.  Gavin felt horrible!

She is a fighter!  But she is hurting still today.  It doesn't appear anything is broken.  We've been watching to make sure there is no internal bleeding.  She couldn't climb the stairs or walk very far all evening but by bedtime, she carefully navigated all the way up the stairs until reaching the last step.  I had to help her up that one.

She has a will to live and to withstand anything, this little old lady dog of 10.  Even a terrible accident like yesterday….she seems to force herself to be okay.  I hate knowing that anything that could've been prevented happened by a foolish mistake.  I blame myself, Gavin blames himself….the blame just goes on.

I went to bed so heavy-hearted over the whole crazy day.  I worried over her.  I cried over her.  I prayed.

I love her.  She is my little buddy and I know SHE'S A DOG!  But she's my dog.  The dog I've loved for 10 years!  I don't ever want to hurt her and I don't want to kill her on accident.

Please pray for her.  She is feeling about the same.  It's hard to know if she just needs to rest it out or if she is still feeling awful from her ears (which she had 2 big shots from the vet).  I know God cares about our pets.  It isn't weird to ask Him for healing.

Is it?



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