Just Order It (sometimes, I talk cr@p!)

Over the weekend, we ran out of TP.


That's probably a normal occurence in most families, right?  Back when I had a house full of family (oh, say…last year) I'd buy large quantities of toilet paper every few weeks.  Girls tend to use the most and it seemed like we were forever on "the last roll" of paper.

Like good sheets and name brand coffee my "special" family only likes the good stuff when it comes to toilet paper.  Heaven forbid someone wipe their hiney with scratchy toily paper, right?

For years, I've paid big bucks for Charmin (and don't get me wrong, we still looooove the thick soft stuff) but now I've learned to cut a few corners with what I flush down the commode.  Literally.

After moving…..I didn't go out much thanks to the severe weather and that's when I happened to see an ad for a great deal on toilet paper online.  Like, a ton of TP at a price that I couldn't afford to pass by even though it wasn't my normal brand.  Plus, it would come delivered right to me at my front door within 24 hours.

What a world, eh?

I can see the Amazon compound across the farm from my house (better at night) and I know that just about anything I can dream of is housed inside that building.  So, why not utilize it?  Especially, since I have Amazon Prime which gives me free shipping on almost everything I purchase.

I realize that I'm not giving away any secret information here with my big AMAZON dreams.  But maybe a reminder for those of you who love a great deal and enjoy hearing your doorbell ring with boxes of goodies on the other side.  Use it!  Reap the rewards of great deals and easy delivery.

Did I mention, I haven't had to purchase toilet paper since FEBRUARY?

That's how long the first order of Cottonelle lasted us.  Plus, it is super soft!  For first time orders, Amazon offers a subscribe & save coupon of $2 off.  Without it, you're still looking at paying $6.97 per 12 pack.  The best part?  Is having so much TP that you don't have to worry about running out…for months.  Hello, 96 rolls goes a long way…

So, what do you need over at your house?  I bet you can find it on Amazon!

Just order it!




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