Mr. Right For Me

I woke up to ants all over my kitchen counters this morning.  Okay, so there were about 7 of them!  But to me, that's ALL OVER y'all!  Because, you know…dramatic!  I posted the issue on Facebook (FOR HELP), because, you know….I like oversharing!  It was only a few minutes and the "vinegar" comment came through (which I actually knew about, just hadn't wanted to do it) because, you know….lazy!

So, I got busy — wiping every single surface of my house with vinegar.  While I was tearing it up cleaning cracks and crinnies I had Pandora blasting (for inspiration) and I started thinking of my husband.  I think about him all the time, really.  Because, you know….HE IS ALL THAT (to me).  But, while you are probably thinking, of course he's all that (to you)…he is YOUR husband.  I want you to know, I don't think he is perfect!

Copy of DSCF1414

He is not perfect.

He's just the right one for me.  He matches me in almost every way.  Even with his severe over-the-top ADHD, I love him!  Even when he tricks me into stuff that I don't want to do and it turns out poorly, I love him!  Or when he isn't so nice (dudes are so guy like, huh?), I love him!  Or when I disagree with him (we've been good at that for 25 years now), I love him!


He's Mr. Right (for me)!

I know I can count on him.  He will try & try again to do whatever I need him to do.  He doesn't mind getting dirty, working hard, working long hours or even going late into the night to take care of something for me.  HE IS ALL THAT, remember?


So, to you young wives….the ones who are just discovering how "imperfect" your husband is, hold on.  He is going to turn out amazing!  I know this because my hubby was flawed to the hilt many years ago.  I thought I couldn't take one more incident of his shenanigans.  Now, 25 years later…..I see HE IS MR. RIGHT FOR ME!



Thank you for thinking of me….when you created Don Gway.  He is just right, like you planned all along.



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