Dear Classmates

I've waited long enough to blog about my 30th high school class reunion.  All week long I've pondered over every moment and memory thinking of just the right words to share about the weekend.  I mean, 30 years is a lifetime and a lifetime deserves something special….don't you think? 

I won't sugarcoat this, I was nervous!  I didn't know how to feel about seeing old friends.  It's been a long time!  I didn't stick around like many of my classmates did.  I got married and hit the road!  I haven't lived in Florida since 1998 and I left my hometown in 1989 (after marrying THE RIGHT GUY).  People were virtually strangers to me even though I grew up with them.  Maybe I'm the only one who felt this way…it was just a little scary.

Thoughts like —

Would they remember me?

Did they like me?

Will they think I'm fat?

All legitimate, but really….who cares?  Everyone else has lived 30 long years too.  I can't be the only one WHO LOOKS 47-50 years old, right?  That's one of the great things about getting together with childhood friends after that many years.  Everyone is in the same "old" boat.  Face it, we're NOT 20 something anymore!

2014-06-21 10.25.50
Here is the SET UP crew.  I'm not wearing real clothes because I came prepared to go out on the boat with friends.  Only before we left, we decorated for the party.  It was a huge lesson in humility.  Remember how nervous I was feeling?  God handled it with exposing me completely (not that God is mean – don't misunderstand me).  All my insecurities of looking my very best?  Out the window!  I had on a swimsuit/cover-up and NO MAKE-UP!!  Nada!  Which leads me to believe that I needed to be real and the circumstances left me no choice.

So, there you go friends.  What you got was the REAL ME!!!

Back to my thoughts on meeting my old friends again.  I thought about each person that I spoke with during the night and felt as though a quick note to each one was a great way to honor our friendship.  So, bear with me.  This might get long.


Dear Paula (and Chris)

You haven't really changed a bit.  You're just a little older and a whole lot more fun.  I know, how could you get more fun?  You were the craziest person in school and you always had the GREATEST ATTITUDE!  This past weekend, you went out of your way to show everyone a great time.  It was fantastic!  Your hospitality and willingness to share your life and boatclub with each of us…was a very special gift!  Thank you.  Thank you even more for the love and "go with it" attitude you displayed all weekend.  I can't wait to see you again!  PS – the boat was the best fun ever!

2014-06-19 21.32.38

Dear Susie (and Wayne)

I have so many funny memories of us as little punks (you shaving your legs in elementary school) and honestly, 30 years didn't change any of your quick wit or sarcastic humor.  Our chats over Facebook were a great precursor for the weekend.  We just picked right back up and the best part?  Our guys got along so well!  It's always fun to have dudes that like each other in chick friendships.  I feel like I can be honest with you (dang that psychologist superpower!).  You are smart, inspiring and so much danged fun!  I am proud of you and thankful God brought us back together (even though we are 1000 miles apart)!  crying  Trips?  Let's plan some!  Soon!

2014-06-19 23.57.27

2014-06-21 11.39.20

2014-06-21 12.38.34

Dear Gena (and Brian)

My very best friend in school!!!  I can talk all day about our shenanigans as young silly girls.  Barn crazy horses, trips to Busch Gardens….the pool in the summer.  So much history!  Re-connecting with you was a real blessing!  You will always be my beautiful friend with a heart even prettier than your outside.  I enjoyed talking with you and hearing about how you've navigated life and its hard times.  I'm excited for your future and meeting Brian was the cherry on top!  He is sweet and he is caring.  It felt like he was part of all of our lives all along!  I pray that your future is filled with love and success, together!  Looking forward to getting together again, very soon!

2014-06-21 10.16.08

love bodie
See?  We're crazy about you!!

Dear Bodie

I can't think of you without smiling!  Our friendship has always revolved around happiness.  You were the typical twerp boy in school and by the flocking of ladies around you during our visit….we all loved you ANYWAY!  I understand the risk you took to come see us for the decorating and I am so grateful you grabbed a moment (just for us!).  You are living the life of most of us,  But you reminded me….STOP, and enjoy life!  Even if you have to steal time to do it!  Hopefully, you will really make it for the next get-together!  So glad I hugged you 27 times!!!

2014-06-21 10.27.31

2014-06-21 18.47.07


Dear Lori

Nothing is better than knowing I can reach you in an instant with a prayer request or a listening ear!  You are one of the best people I know!  You have a way of jumping in with both feet (no matter what the task) and the end results are always the betterment of life for everyone (animals included) around you!  Your heart is gigantic!  I love you so much and I am so thankful for a precious friend like you!  Thank you for working so hard and making our reunion such a blast!  I don't care what anyone says….THIS had to be our best one yet!  I still giggle thinking of all the "stuff" you and Jeri had in your hotel room!  Funny ladies!

jeriand dudes

Dear Jeri

Life hasn't always been kind to you but you won't give up!  What an inspiration you are!  I laughed so much thanks to you and your GENUINELY sweet heart!  You are a great lady with a big future.  Thank you for living out loud for God, your kids and showing the world… are going to make it!  I can't wait to see you again and I'm so glad we can talk any time we want on Facebook!  PS – about that chair dancing?  Glad you got up and boogied all night long!!!  No more wallflower for you, girl!

2014-06-21 12.25.07

Dear Kathy

This weekend was special for many reasons but one of my favorites is that I had a chance to hang out with you & Cindy.  Both of you were super sweet in school and 30 years somehow managed to make you even sweeter.  I loved laughing our heads off out on the sandbar.  Isn't life funny any way you look at it?   Thank you for making new memories with me and I hope we get another chance to laugh and hug!  I loved hearing about your life and finding common ground with you on many experiences.  Texas?  Who knew? 


Dear Cindy

What a blessing to spend the weekend with you.  I'm so sorry you felt terrible at the party.  Let's blame Gena's wine, hehe!  It was still so much fun!  You have a great way of making other's feel special and I am so glad that you were there.  I wish you many more Happy Anniversaries!  I know how rare a good marriage is.  Keep in touch, will ya?


Dear Richard (and Judy)

Wow!  What an exciting life!  Who can say they have a friend who serves the United States as a Diplomat?  Uhh, I'll tell ya!  I can!  I loved hearing your stories, your experiences are unlike anyone elses and if you ever wondered if you were cool??  I'll let you know, YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL!  Thank you for doing what you do (no matter how insignificant it might seem to you)!  To us, you guys are for real ROCKSTARS!  I am so glad you were in the middle of a big move (hello, Ethiopia to Nigeria — that's all) and could make it to the fun.  I can't wait to catch up with you as you hit the next stop!  You can count on us to pray for you as you do your thing fearless leader!!!  PS – Judy, you are beautiful!  Inside & out!  So glad I was able to meet and hug you!

2014-06-21 19.18.10

Dear Steve, Tommy & Gene

You guys were a regular part of my teen years.  Each of you were like my brothers.  You picked on me, protected me, cared for me and loved me just the way I was (flaws and all).  I am so proud of each of you – Steve, a hard-working and successful business owner.  Married to your childhood sweetheart who is still as sweet and pretty today as she was in school.  Tommy, another killer business owner who's found love in one of Columbia's best looking lady's.   And Gene, the FBI probably misses you but certainly has a gem in your gorgeous wife.  All 3 of you guys…..still make my heart skip a beat!  God bless each of you and your families.  You've done a great job growing up!  NOTE:  I was a little concerned about that when we were kids!


Dear Tina

You are the example of CAN'T KEEP A GOOD DOG DOWN!  Nothing about you says, wimp!  You are tough, caring and live life to the fullest.  I'm so glad I had you for a friend when we were in school and I'm even more glad you are my friend today!  The reunion would've been so boring without your funky spunk and sweet dance floor moves!  Your smile lit up the room, all night long!   I loved it!


Dear Paula

If life hasn't treated you well…..NO ONE CAN TELL!  You are just as crazy as you were in school.  Fun has to be your middle name!  Watching you slurp up all of the joy and fun in the room was a party in itself.  I loved seeing you and laughing about silly stuff all weekend.  I'm glad you packed up and came over and camped out at the clubhouse!  When…..can I see you again?



Dear Connie

I loved hugging your neck!  You are always so encouraging and I can tell…that's just how God wired you!  I'm so glad you joined the fun and I hope we can do it again.  Every year would be good!  Don't you think?


Dear Tami

You were like the BOOGY instigator!  Do you ever NOT SMILE?  You are so joy-filled and beautiful, all the dang time!  I'm so grateful we re-connected and I can't wait to do it again.  PS – I love your pool!


Dear Lori (and Steve)

That sign couldn't be further from the truth!  Both of you are so good.  Good in your hearts, your spirit and in your lives!  I loved hanging out with you and meeting Steve Spinks (I see him all over Facebook).  I'm proud of you too, you have a great family and I love that you live loud and proud for our Lord!  Thank you sweet friends!  The party was fun (our kind of fun, right!?).


the class of 84

Dear Class of 84

You've made it!  30 years is a long haul when you're trying to keep your head above water.  Each of you represent the real world in some facet or another.  I loved seeing all of you again and hugging your (old like mine) necks!  What could have been better than this weekend?  Perhaps more of our friends (those who were missing) joining us for all the fun!  Thank you for being there for the reunion!  It was worth my long trip just to see all of you!  God has blessed each of us in so many ways!  I'm forever grateful that He made the way for me to be a part of it!

I can't wait to see all of you again……NEXT YEAR DUDES!!!

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