Slow Learner



My trip to the pool today only confirms that I have some sort of learning disability!  I mean, really.  Who in their right mind thinks they can just leave their pool bag (ie, Vera cloth bag) sitting on the patio beside their lounge chair?  What am I?  Some sort of amateur?

The pool was full of B O Y S  for goodness sakes!

Those little dudes saw me coming a mile away (on my sweet pink bike)!  I was by all accounts, FRESH MEAT!  After realizing they were flooding the patio in my very ALL BY MYSELF direction…..I noticed all the "mother's" were sitting (far, far away on the other end of the pool) and wouldn't you know all of them had their bags hanging up high on the fence!

Proof!  I am some sort of weak link!

It wouldn't be so bad really if I hadn't put my tablet, a great library book and my cell-phone in my bag.  Luckily, I caught the shenanigans before any of my goodies got wet.  Just not soon enough to save my cardboard lining in the bottom of my dear old Vera girl!

I made a "friend" while I was there catching some rays & splashes to the face.  Her name is Courtney and we met because her top came untied and she needed help, QUICK!  She brought four boys with her.  Not hers, either.  It appeared to be a baby (big kid) sitting arrangement.  They tried all the boy tricks they could….but Courtney was on her game!  We laughed and laughed at all the ways each of them tried to get away with something.

Which brings me back to me.  I don't really have a learning curve.  I knew better than to set my bag down.  I just slipped up and wasn't paying attention.  Something that could happen to any of us, in any realm of our life.  When we're not engaged with life….stuff happens.  Sadly, sometimes it's painful to learn a lesson the hard way.  It either costs us financially or emotionally…..and every now and then all your stuff gets wet.



Thank you for reminding me….to pay attention.  I don't want to miss a chance to love someone or bless another because I have my head in the clouds.


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