You'll never hear me diss my country!  I am proud in every way that I was born an American.  I know that being born in the USA is a privilege.  I remember music class when I was a wee little punk back in the day when teacher's taught songs that were full of pride for America.  I sang to the top of my voice, "You're a grand ole flag…..a high flying flag!" and "This land is your land….this land is my land!"  Love for my country was something to be proud of….even as a little kid.

I still feel the same.  It makes me sad when I see young people & old ignore the opportunity to pledge allegiance to the flag or show respect when given the chance to honor America.  It's distasteful and a shame.  It makes me wonder…..how have we come this far?  Who twisted the information that tells people…this country sucks?  Shame on them!  The way I see it, if you don't love America…try living the way you enjoy living somewhere else.  I think most would agree, we've got it pretty good here!

10 reasons

FREEDOM  —  Everybody knows somebody who's giving it all to fight for YOU & ME to live a free life!  Every single day, I'm reminded in some way or another….that my freedom to do whatever I please, is costing someone somewhere…everything!  Thank you American soldiers for loving this country as much as I do and sacrificing everything you have to serve it!

BEAUTY — I love traveling and America has to be one of the most amazing countries ever.  Every direction you go, something absolutely incredible can be found!  I will never tire of roaming state to state chasing adventure and excitement.  One of these days…..I want to travel all over this country in a motorhome!!!

OPPORTUNITY — No joke, this country is full of options!  If you don't like what you're doing….go back to school and change it.  Life is full of choices and America is a plethora of opportunities!  Go get em' y'all!

ADVENTURE — Just look at the excitement the USA has had this last week for the soccer championship!  This land is overflowing with sports to love, mountains to climb, beaches to comb…..the fun is endless!  In America, we are free to pursue anything we can dream up!

ECONOMY — While it's debatable as to whether our economy is on solid ground right now….each of us live a very different life than many other's do in different countries.  By most standards, even the poorest of Americans are rich when compared to folks elsewhere!  I am so grateful that I can have a job, make money and spend it like a madwoman wherever I like.  Imagine living off of 50 cents a month!

PATRIOTISM — Yes, I said it.  Nevermind about those eggheads who won't stand in honor of the pledge.  This country is full of very grateful Americans who stand tall and proud…..every single day!  God bless those who fly that flag and boo to weird neighbors who complain!  What in the world?  This is Murica!

FAMILY — This country is one of the most diverse places in the whole world.  But when it comes to family…..most of us hold tight to the thinking, blood is thicker than water!  Families make this economy flourish, they are responsible for educating their little darlin's of the American way and they are what make up what's awesome about America!

RELIGION — I will never know the fear felt by so many just because I own a Bible and pray to God.  I am free, you are free to love a deity of your choosing!  For me, that's one of my favorite reasons to love the USA.  God bless this place and hold it together when we trample upon it!  Goodness knows….we ain't right most of the time!

EDUCATION — It's a privilege to receive an education.  Somehow, we've lost touch with this gift.  I've been in the education world long enough to see young people are confused as to the blessing that is given SO FREELY TO THEM as education is.  It's beginning to get a bit lompsided in that schools are full of jerks who could care less that educators are there TO HELP THEM become the best students and or someday, employees!  School is cool!!  Use it to your advantage, people!

PEACE — Aren't you glad that you can feel safe sitting in a cafe eating a salad?  Not every human has that comfort.  We live in a world that just eating out can get you blown up by a radical nutjob!  I go to sleep every night feeling NO FEAR of something catastrophic happening to me or my family.  Thank you America!


Happy 4th of July, friends!   God bless America…

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