So, It Goes

This was one of the best weekends we've had in a long time.  It's safe to say that most weekends are full of work.  Either….yardwork, housework, work-work, or just plain old catching up work.  But not this weekend!

We partied!

First with the fish-fry party all the way through Sunday church and dinner out at the best Chinese restaurant I've ever dined.  Only one day was dedicated to "work" work and I'm not going to complain (I'm not the one who worked, so there) because I was able to visit with my girls for the afternoon.  Fun for me, work for hubby!

I didn't want to see it end.

I suppose that by this time next week….I'll be singing a different tune.  My hubby will have flown far away (back to Texas) for the rest of the summer.  As in, many weeks way down yonder far, far from me!  Whatever will I do?  Besides miss him like my right arm has been removed?!

Don't worry, we're cramming in as much fun loving life as we can this week.  Plus, he's buried under a ton of work stress to make sure everything is awesome for the reserve.  So, you know….sheer pleasure!  😉

So, it goes right?

Weekend highlights:

MOVIE THEATRE — We dropped what we (hubby) were doing and went to see the new Dinesh D'Souza movie, America.  Perfect way to spend the Fourth of July afternoon.  I wish every American would go see it.

FIREWORKS BIKE RIDE — We live in a fun neighborhood!  Everyone was outside celebrating the 4th of July with booming fireworks and we took a tour on our bikes enjoying all the money THEY spent blowing stuff up!  It was fun!  Miss Lizzy loved it from her front row seat in my bike basket.

CAR SHOPPING — I call it shopping but what I really mean is … LOOKING!  We want to replace my car sometime soon.  Except, I don't want to pay for it!  Haha.  However, I did try out a few of my favorite options.  Maybe sometime in the future….I'll take the plunge and buy something.  I just can't do it when I have a perfectly awesome car to drive now. 

HOUSE PEEKING — We're trying to snag some ideas for our current house.  So, we went out model shopping only we were really just looking at what is popular.  We know what we like but just wanted to see what is the best way to update our house without building a new home!  HINT:  It is all about resale, y'all!

2014-07-06 13.07.58

These were in every model.  Pinterest has caused a frenzy of mudroom cuteness!

Stay tuned because my master bedroom is finally getting some attention.  We started with this –>

2014-07-04 12.16.31

Oh, it's coming down dude!

2014-07-04 12.18.07

Major room reveal… the future!

We ended the weekend by eating at a great chinese restaurant my hubby has been bragging about for weeks.  I didn't have the highest of hopes because…you know, it's Chinese food.  What makes this one so special?  They're all about the same, right?

I even tried something new…


I admit, this place was delicious!  I loved my California roll, the potstickers and the shrimp & broccoli!  Everything was scrumptious! 

…..and for me, that's what a great weekend looks like!


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