I’m Not Jealous

For 11 days now I've been completely on my own!  Me, a happily married chick in her "late" forties all by herself!  For those of you counting, 47 and of those 47 years I've been married for 25 of them.  Out of those 25 years, I haven't had to do ANYTHING I didn't feel like or want to do.

My hubby…..is a gift from GOD!

I've thought about how much I love him and miss him every single day since he left for Texas.  We don't do apart!  Except this go round, we haven't had a choice!  He's working on a huge project at the ranch and me tagging along just wouldn't fit.  He'd be worried about me and I would be miserably bored.  So, staying home and taking care of things around here is my gift to him.

The jolt of reality for me is….


I can't think of ONE SINGLE THING that they have in their life that I'm envious of, not even cooking all the cheesiest meals I can dream up! The endless amount of free time is fun for about a day and then I'm ready to share a great meal and conversation with my guy.  Even when he's being annoying (and face it, all people get annoying here & there!) I miss having him around.  I don't even mind him throwing his clothes down in the closet!  The amount of stuff he just takes care of without me ever having to think about is endless!

You'll never hear me singing ALL THE SINGLE LADIES tunes.  I appreciate having a man who loves me and takes good care of me.  I don't just love him for all the hard stuff he does either.  I love having him to talk to and share all that's going on in my day.  With him in Texas, that's not easy to do.  Phone connections are miserably difficult and it is frustrating trying to text out feelings over a cell phone.  So, no thanks!  Our normal close connection is strained and awkward!

I've always heard absence makes the heart grow fonder and I certainly would agree but missing out on one another's lives for more than a month is torture!

So, for you single gals:

I'm not jealous of your lives.  You are definitely someone to be admired!  You hold a lot of life together all by yourself and that's not easy to do.  All the housework, yardwork, bill paying, home maintenance, car care, meal prepping, shopping, pet loving, personal security, one-person laundry, activity attending and holding down a JOB…..all of it, just isn't fun to do alone but you make it look easy!  And if you are a single mom, you are even more amazing!  I can't imagine the additional stress of doing it all alone!  I am more committed than ever to pray for the single ladies & single mama's around me.  Your lives are incredibly valuable and I will never skip a chance to lend a helping hand ever again!


Thank you for reminding me just how blessed I am to have a great man to share my life with.  While marriage and companionship isn't for everyone…..I'm eternally grateful that I have such a special man to love and care for me.  Protect him while he's far away working and help me to keep the home fires burning.  I look forward to another 25 years of living life together!


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