Good For Me, Will

In just 1 week,  I have scored big by stopping in at Goodwill.   After painting in my master bedroom….. I knew that adding a side table was a top priority to pull my look together.  So,  I went to Home Goods and browsed around hoping to find something "inexpensive"  to set beside the pretty reading chair in my room.   While the bargains are a plenty in HG…… Good deals on small tables were nowhere to be found.

Unless I wanted to pay over $140!

Now,  I love decorating but not when it gets wasteful.   I like to buy NICE items at a fraction of the real cost.   I'm not ashamed to be thrifty!   How else do you think I can afford clothes and shoes  for my fashion loving family?   And yes,  every member likes looking good! 

I shop like it's an Olympic sport!

I left Home Goods bummed and thought about stopping in at Goodwill down the street.   Since it was around 7:30pm I thought surely there would be no special deals left…..

And then I saw it!  

Not only did I find a good deal….. I lucked up and found a steal!   A beautiful real wood table that was full of style and charm for $9.99!!!!!


It is perfect for the spot I had in mind!   I cleaned it up and now it holds a lamp and some books…. And I'm feeling super rich because I paid so little for it!!


I've lived here 7 months and have never visited the super Goodwill warehouse.   Mainly because I had no idea where it was!   Who knew I'd been driving right by it all along?

It's closer to me than the Goodwill I normally shop at….. Crazy!

I decided to get proactive and find this place on Sunday.  Imagine my surprise when I found how close it was to my house….   Grr!

Shopping here is not for the wimpy!   This is big league thrifting!   People were wearing GLOVES!   The workers rotate bins full of stuff every hour on the hour and the shoppers go to town.   Then when you're finished all of your items are weighed and that's how you make your purchases.   By the pounds!   And it is cheap!  

It was a little overwhelming for this newbie,  however….. I safely wandered around casing out the place because I have big plans of finding some special deals in this thrift Palace!

While looking around I found this – –


A brand new Vera Bradley purse with tags (and it's a new pattern) for a whopping. 36 cents!!!

I paid 36 cents for a $38.00 designer purse!!!   Squeeee!

Fast forward to last night.   Ally was in town visiting me while all my guys are in Texas and we thought we'd do a Goodwill run.   The store was packed!   Annoyingly busy but we managed to squeeze our way into the furniture section where we found a pair of these – – –

2014-07-16 16.29.03

For….  $14.99 each!

These are solid wood and in perfect condition!!   I bought one for my bedroom and Ally bought the other for her living room!

The moral of the story?

Get out there and look…. Super good deals are everywhere!

Goodwill means good deals y'all!

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