My Latest Obsessions

I've always had hang-ups!  I'm weird like that.  I find something I love and just run with it!  Lately, I've come across a few things that make my heart go pitter-patter.  Since it's Friday and I'm 4 days away from FINALLY seeing my hubby in the flesh…..I felt like sharing my latest obsessions was only fair.  Cause you know, happy stuff!!

Hannah and Kaylee!  Oh MY GOSH!  It's like I know these two ding-dongs!


Who else can change the way they talk?  I got this talent down pat, girls!

HGTV'S Fixer Upper!!   Oh how I'm loving Chip and Joanna!  They are amazing!  I love every single thing about them.  They are talented, loving and so on target with style!

Fixer Upper is filmed in TEXAS!! 

Best statement, ever!

beach bod

I read a story this morning by a mom who went to the beach (and wore a bikini) and was harrassed by 3 young adults for looking like a mom of 5 would look in a swimsuit.  Her story hit home for me because… days of rockin' a bikini are long gone.  But my heart still remembers being skinny and toned!  People don't realize the power they have to edify others.

Say NO to hurting people with your jeers & sneers, people!


UHHHHH-DICTED!!!  I'm a mile and a half away from Meijer who has a kickin' sushi sale every Wednesday!  It could get ugly if I miss out on a mid-week yumfest!


I'm dying to buy some booties!  I've been searching high & low for the perfect pair.  Last week, I decided to get on-line and just buy some.  After typing in Women's Booties into the search engine…..the booties that popped up weren't quite what I wanted to spend my money on!

st ives

I cannot stand to feel slimy or sticky from lotions!  It is disgusting!  However, since I am a dry desert of a woman….I have to have a moisturizer or else I look like an ashtray!  This delicious smelling stuff has magical powers!  Not only does it spray on easily…it looks gorgeous too!  People, go buy this stuff!

messy knot

If you've seen me lately… have witnessed the messy knot on top of my head.  I love having long hair again and pulling it up out of the way is the easiest way to look somewhat presentable WHEN THE FRIZZY hair weather attacks!

beautiful legs and hands with perfect french pedicureDon't laugh, but….

I might be the only woman on this earth who HAS NOT had a pedi!  Ever!  My hubby….is the king of foot care (for me, anyway).  I've never had to file or massage my own feet.  He is my own personal pedi man.  Only, he does NOT paint toes.  Which is okay!  So, since he's been gone for 3 weeks….I have become obssessed with getting a pedi!

I swear.  I'm doing it!

jar o money

I'm trying to save money!  And I'm trying to help my kids do the same.  It is so hard to NOT drive through Starbucks or grab fast food!  I love having a savings account and I know if my kids would just build theirs up….they would too!

oh my word

I need these!  I am still searching for the perfect curtains for my bedroom.  In the meantime, I've decided my living room and my sunroom all need new curtains as well.  Plus….Ally's room.  I am obssessed with finishing my house!


I can't go much longer…..FOOTBALL!!!!  It's camp days here in Indy and I am over the moon!!  Almost there….just a couple more weeks!!!!

I'm easily swayed to love something.  I can't help it!  Just ask my friends with babies.  I'm currently counting on two of my hubby's co-workers babies to be my little boyfriends!  (They) have no clue what happens to the mama heart when her babes all grow up!  It's like my body has a baby magnet inside…..I'm drawn to hold them!

Enough about my weird issues.  I hope your Friday is amazing!


Amen!  Now, I gotta run.  I've got booties to buy!  Happy Friday, guys!

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