25 Day Test

hubby loveI wanted to be a wife all of my life.  But I didn't want to just be any old kind of wife, I wanted to ROCK AT IT!  I think for the most part, I've done that.  I've had days (like most) where I've been bossy or mean or just plain unsatisfiable!  Hopefully, those were fewer than my huband can remember.  Afterall, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  In all our years of being married, never ever have we been apart like we have this past month. 

twenty fiveNow for some of you, 25 days might seem like nothing!  But for us, it is huge!  For one, we like being together.  Even when we're not getting along.  We are in the gluttonous category of humans.  We stick together!  That doesn't mean we never need to step away and give one another some space.  Space is good.  But 25 days of space…..is a bit too much!

best hubby

I'm lucky, I really am married to my best friend.  I can trust him, I can go to him with anything and I know he will never reject me or my love.  He enjoys being my husband (at least, that's what he says) and one of the best gifts he gives to me is the confidence to be AMAZING!

So, if I've been a little annoying with my pining for my husband on here….I'm not sorry! 

fishin kissin missin

I've missed him and in the morning….I'll hop a flight to Dallas, Texas where he'll be standing waiting for me.  And I hope…..


I'm never letting him go!

Dear God

Thank you for MY husband.  You thought of everything when you created him for me.  Help me show him how much he means to me.


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