Why I Love Texas


I probably don't have to tell you….but I will anyway.  When I'm in Texas, I feel as though I am among my people!  No one asks me WHERE I'M FROM in Texas!  I sound pretty much like everyone else around me.

Extra syllables are of JESUS!

love texas

My very favorite reason to love Texas right now is MY HUBBY IS HERE AND SO AM I!!!  For the last two days, I've stuck as close as a magnet to him.  Ya know, making up for missing him for 3 + weeks. 



In Texas, nobody sits around deciding to go somewhere!  You get (or git) in your big rig and step on it!  Haulin' it just makes sense, don't you agree?


I don't even care how hot it is (and Texas is H O T!!) it's a place everyone should visit!  The food, the people, the sights……the cowboys!  Trust me, it's worth the trip!



Everybody needs a little BIG SKY in their life……some time or another!  Open skies are all the show in Texas! 


Don't miss a chance to come to Texas, y'all!

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