I Curled My Hair For This

It's my first day back to school!  I was in Texas when the real first day bell rang for the new school year.  This is the first year in many that I didn't have to face back to school jitters or the insomnia that attacks the night before school starts. I was sleeping like a baby when all my friends were tossing and turning!

But I'm back. Subbing my way through another school year.

I woke up early this morning and started the "get ready" process.  While I was in the shower,  I heard the rumbling of thunder and remembered…..I parked my car outside last night.  Major bummer!  And my umbrella……is in the trunk! 

This is real life!

The cruddiest part of a rainy day for fine-haired ladies like me??

Is the HAIR!

I spent way too much time hot rolling and styling my 1/2 inch gray roots only to walk outside and have it go straight to FRIZZville!  Listen!  When I say FRIZZY……….


I am not exaggerating!  A finger to the light socket couldn't do more frazzling!  I'll be completely vain and dramatic here too.

I do not look good in frizzy hair!

I appear all tired and stressed out and for honest measure,  a bit haggard! 

So, I have no intentions of sticking out the bad hair day without a fight.  I'm going right for the messy bun and praying no one notices my sad insecure hair issues on my first day back!!



Still, it won't stop my thoughts of…….I curled my hair for this? 

Danged humidity!!!!  I could probably write a country song!

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