You Were Meant To

meant to

This post goes out to all of you who suffer from the "I don't know's! ….the "I'm not sure's!" ….and the "I can't (s)!"

It's NOT true!  So, stop believing it!

Get up and do something, right now!  Life isn't going to hand you anything!  You're going to have to work, struggle and sacrifice to make great things happen in your life.  Each of us were eternally designed by an amazing creator who placed great hope inside of us…..

And HE is EXPECTING great things out of you and me!

Trust me, if you're just squeaking by in life……you are wasting away!  Make today the day you change gears.  No more sitting idle!  Move on up and grab what is out there waiting for you!

You were meant to live for SO MUCH more!

Happy Friday!!

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