Sandpaper Friends

Sandpaper friends, we've all got them.  That person who never fails to rub us wrong with their negative words.  The one who can bring us down with just a simple conversation……and we let them, every time we see them!  They complain or they lash out when it really isn't necessary and they hurt the people around them without ever thinking of the consequences. They find fault, whine about injustices and KNOW EVERYTHING!  All the time.


I wonder…..what if every one of us filtered our words through these 3 questions?  Just how much sweeter would we be?  Or how much more tolerable would we become to those who find us a little scratchy?  I know me, I can be a jerk!  I have moments where I can't even tolerate myself.  I want to walk away from my attitude and critical spirit.  I imagine those around me want to do the same when I'm in full-on sandpaper mode.

your mouthThe cold hard truth is this…..

If I'm speaking out in a way that is hurtful to others, something isn't right in my heart.  Maybe it's jealousy or possibly I'm just feeling wicked.  Whichever, it is… it's clearly a condition OF MY HEART!

I've noticed that people say a lot of "out there" comments online.  The ability to hide behind a computer screen has given many the courage (or foolish thinking) that what they say is fair game online because the chances of being face-to-face are pretty slim.  However, what we say online or anywhere else always has ramifications.  Our words have power! 


I won't sugarcoat this…..

If you cannot be kind, be quiet!  Just hush!


Stop spewing your meanness!  When your brain tells you that your negative opinion must be shared……be the bigger person and stop that thinking immediately!  It could save you a ton of heartache and certainly spare those around you from feeling your gritty words!

Some people just want to be mean.  I realize this because I see plenty of hate-filled comments/writing all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs.  It's a shame! 

Maybe we could all try a little harder to….

Think positive

Speak kindly

Encourage others

Be friendly

Love the unlovable

the words


My words can be scratchy at times.  Help me filter out what I say and write so that others will be encouraged.  I know that what I say…..either builds up or tears down.

I want to be a kinder me.


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