Same but Different

It is never a good idea to spill your thoughts when you're hangry (angry & hungry at the same time).  This morning has not gone anything like I thought it was going to go.  I had big plans.  Since I'm off from school, I had intentions to enjoy my morning coffee in my smokin' hot hottub and then to leisurely color my hair all while singing to the top of my lungs with Pandora!

Uhm, but no.  None of that happened.  Life never goes as planned.  You'd think…..I'd have learned that by now.

I woke up early to a text from my hubby that he sent at around 3:30 am (I slept through that part) asking if I could OVERNIGHT his medication to him.  The same medication that I asked him if he packed right as he was walking out the door on Sunday morning.  The medication that gives him the oomph he needs to GET OUT OF BED and think straight!  Also the same medication that keeps him on task and out of harms way of everyone around him.


I jumped into action and blazed a trail to the post office.  After 15 minutes of phone calls by the post master (and a line gathering behind me) searching for the fastest delivery drop off location near us…..he asks me if I'm at Fed Ex!  WHAT!?!  Who said to go there?  I don't even know where to find a Fed Ex!  So, I take the package back from the post master who is just about to swipe my card for payment and squeal my wheels out of the USPS parking lot.

Cause you know…..emergency!

Have I mentioned that I haven't had a drink of anything yet?  No water, no coffee…I haven't brushed my teeth and I have no idea what my hair looks like.  I do have on a bra and real clothes.  However, some coffee might have aided me in my adventure.  Hindsight, y'all…..hindsight!

I take off for Michigan Ave. because I know that there HAS TO BE some quick mail system somewhere on this busy highway.  I call the "culprit" and ask if he knows WHERE I should start my search to get this prescription mailed overnight and he of course, gets snappy!  Not the right response!  Really.  I'm only trying to help!  He suggests an Office Max not far from his office.

And that's how he died.  Kidding.  He's still alive.

I pull in and find the most helpful employee who HOOKS ME UP with the overnight express and I swipe my card for a whopping $44.02 that ensures me he will have his magic pills by 4:30 pm tomorrow afternoon!

I may have issued a small threat along the lines of —-> "They better NOT leave that drop-off location with this bottle of Adderall still in their truck!!!"

Yes, I paid to mail drugs to my ADHD husband.  And you would too if you understood how desparate it is that he have them.  Would I rather spend $44 somewhere else?  Heck yes!  That's a delicious meal of good mexican food out on the town!

Marriage is about going the extra mile, right?

Maybe we're best described as opposites.  We like all the same things….but don't.  You know, the salty sweet combo?  We're like the fries with the frosty, the chocolate with the peanut butter, the night owl and the morning person…..the liberal and the conservative (ok, not us).  But, you get the idea —  We are! 

Perhaps we're like the moth to the flame.  We just can't help it.  We cling to all that makes us crazy with regards to one another.  He doesn't like the way I do things or make decisions and I can't understand most of his methods of survival either.  Yet, we love one another and long to be together when we're apart (maybe not today so much).  Our hearts are joined, forever.

I don't know about other relationships but I've spent long enough in mine to know….some days are challenging!  I love my hubby but when I have to backtrack an oversight and it's a costly endeavor, it pushes my buttons hard.  Like, push push push on the elevator door button hard!

So, I'm going to file this morning back in the folder of FORGET ABOUT IT's! 

Because who knows…..I may need his help next time!  Give….take!


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