Almost a Trucker

My hubby and I went car shopping over the long weekend.   It was a fail.  We ended up folding on the deal.  The entire buying process is a game.  I’m convinced there are smart ways to buy a new car and the smartest,  writing a big fat check.

Yes, we almost bought a truck!

Car payments make me queasy!  Especially,  big giant payments.

I have a great car!  I don’t have to drive a jalopy!  But……it’s a car!  I’m not a car person.   For the last 25 years I’ve driven big tall vehicles.   I love having 4 wheel drive and a ton of space for people, junk and more.

But, I’m not desperate.   I told the very nice salesman that in the past,  we might have jumped on that ridiculous payment.   Our old age and years of learning the hard way have taught us a thing or two about instant gratification.

That sweet high?  Goes away once you’re into paying the fat budget sucking payments.   I don’t want that dreadful feeling.   I like to shop way too much!

So, were back to waiting.

I believe,  it will be worth it.

Tell me, are you patient and disciplined?  Are you able to hold off on your wants or do you speed right out and grab what you want?

I don’t want to race ahead of you.  Help me to wait……for every blessing.

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