It Girl


Have you ever known someone who seemed perfect?  Perhaps she was a dream in every way…… with outward beauty, magnanimous personality, smokin’ bod and powerfully successful.   No matter what circle she’s in, she commands all attention.  People love her, they admire her and want to be close to her.

And they never notice you’re there…..

I like to call her the IT girl.  She’s got IT all or so it seems,  right?  The honest truth is she doesn’t.   She feels and experiences all the same stuff you do.  She picks out flaws about herself that she wishes she could change.  She feels awkward and out of place just like you (and me).  She struggles with life just like everyone else.

So why does it feel like she’s so much more than you or me?

Because you and I fall for Satan’s tricky trap of comparison!  I’ve said it a million times, comparing yourself steals your JOY and crushes your confidence!  The best decision you & I can do for our personal outlook is to see ourselves as God does.  He sees so much more than our clear blue eyes or our shiny long hair.   He sees beyond our fun-loving personality.   He sees us as an extension of His flesh.  He is proud of His creation…..

When we run ourselves down and size ourselves up against someone who seems perfect……we are smearing God’s handiwork as less than acceptable.   Ever thought about it like that?  It’s time to celebrate your own IT girl status.

You, my friends…….are IT girls too!

To God,  you’re IT because He says so.
To your hubby, you’re an IT girl because he picked YOU to be.
To your family,  you’re an IT girl because there is no one else like you in their lives.
To the world, you’re an IT girl because you offer your uniqueness with every smile,  laugh and helping hand.

Girl,  LISTEN!!!
You are IT!!!  Now get busy being it!!!

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