I Should Sleep More

I can't get on a real schedule.  For some reason I bounce from up too late watching tv to polishing my floors at 10:30pm just because….ya know, bored.  For the last week, I've had a killer headache every afternoon!  The kind that pounds so hard you feel your eyes popping out.  Misery.  I'm convinced, sleep is the culprit.

no alarmsThis morning my hubby woke me up very early the way my kids used to wake me up when they were little (RIGHT IN MY FACE).  He was on his way….again, to Texas!  Since he was going to be gone I couldn't just lay there snoring, I had to get up and follow him around asking all those "did you remember this & that" questions before he peeled out.

I had all intentions of falling right back to dreamland once he was gone……except, my brain.  It wouldn't be quiet!  So, I tossed around forever and zonked back out at the worst time ever (the time I should have gotten up!).  When I woke back up an hour later, I felt terrible!  Like someone ran over me terrible!  But I pushed on and went down for coffee.

My plan?  A nap, later!

nap queen

Then life happened.

sleepyI thought I'd run down the road to check out our new Goodwill store and then do a few errands.  After all my running, I decided to get my filthy car washed at Mikes because I can't remember the last time it was shiny clean.  As I pulled out of the wash…..a weird noise started buzzing somewhere inside the dash.  Like, electrical noises.  I turned up the Rush Limbaugh….still heard buzzing.  I turned him down….still buzzing.  I clicked on the CD's and switched them out a few times…..bzzzzzz!  So, I called my hubby for advice or direction.  After about 2 minutes, he tells me….your battery cable is not secured onto the battery.

Why not?  Who knows.  Gavin was with him…so, he volunteered one of his buddy's to come by and tighten it down so I can have a car that runs and doesn't leave me stranded.  As soon as I pull into the driveway, it D I E D!  Like the whole car shut off, I couldn't even get the key out or the doors to unlock.  The battery was disconnected completely!  After phone calls, removing key parts and wiggling cables… it engaged again so I could crank it.

Gavin's friend came by and couldn't find the tool he needed to tighten it down but knew he had one at his house.  So, I followed him there and didn't even bother looking at what time it was — RUSH HOUR!!!  He tightened it like it's supposed to be and I started my 40 year journey back home….MISSING MY NAP TIME!!!!

I won't admit what time it is right now…..because it's way past my bedtime!

middle age

Truth….y'all.  I am old and I am sleepy!  Goodnight!


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