Season’s Change

I believe the summer of 2014 is officially over.  I've been anticipating fall (as usual) all year.  Not to mistake that antsy'ness as wanting to skip summer because….I'm not a savage!  I love summertime!  It's one of life's greatest blessings!


I wasn't expecting the crispy cool weather when I walked outside this morning especially since I was so hot yesterday (at school) that I borrowed a fan from the Librarian (gosh those ladies are nice) to survive the muggy classroom I was in.  I thought for sure… whole body was on fire!

And yes, I'm blaming the hormones!

But enough of that ugly talk.  Fall is here and it deserves attention.  The air is cool, the trees are swaying and the leaves are getting ready to show off their color magic.  I can't wait for more!

2014-09-08 15.21.04

Have I mentioned how much I love my new red front door?  I am so glad we went with the red!  My fat mum is from Costco and my new fall wreath is from GOODWILL!  Like, the Goodwill superstore!  No one wanted it!  It's huge and in perfect condition!  I paid $2 for it!

Do you know what the Goodwill superstore is?

It's a Goodwill gone mad!  It's a huge store that every hour on the hour, they pull out fresh bins full of merchandise.  People go crazy!  They wear gloves and rip through the bins tossing stuff around like they are on a treasure hunt.  Which I suppose they are because once they are finished collecting items….they pull up their carts on a scale and pay by the pounds.  Talk about cheap?!  Wow!

Here's a close up

2014-09-08 15.22.14

I also found a great BIG basket while I was there.

2014-09-08 15.25.18

I have plans for it…. maybe firewood? 

Last week, I found these two old wooden chairs there.  I love them!

2014-08-26 19.24.17

The cane stitching has been pulled apart on this one….but it is repairable and I thought of my mom when I bought it.  She would fix it right up…..

2014-08-26 19.24.57

I don't hang out here all day to find these goodies….I just stop by here and there and every time, find a treasure.

2014-07-29 18.31.39

This little beauty?  Found it there a few weeks back.  One of these days, my hubby is turning it into a fancy bench!  Cause, he's got mad skillz!

2014-07-13 16.25.01

And, I know I've told you about this one.  .38 cents y'all!!!  For a brand new Vera Bradley!!!

I love scoring such cool deals almost as much as I love the new FALL WEATHER!

October is just around the corner!


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