Who Do I Look Like?

gates looks like mama2014-09-14 15.20.00ally and mama

I think about my girls all the time.  I remember being their ages.  It seems just like yesterday (I was 20) when that photo of me was taken.  I thought I knew it all back then.  I had no idea that I'd come across photos of my own girls that reminded me of that girl so long ago.

I see them for who they are like any mother would, I suppose.  I see the girls they are on the inside.  The ones who overthink an outfit and dream of what their future will be like.  I know that they want good things and hope for solid relationships.  They think of being a mother someday and they both imagine doing it as good as and or HOPEFULLY, even better than me.

I like that.

I'm proud of both of my girls.  They not only look similar to me but they are very much like me on the inside.  Each of us carry a lot of the same dreams.  I don't believe that's by coincidence either.  I feel certain that God planned it that way.  I mean it when I tell others that the relationship you build with your children is one of the most important jobs you'll ever work towards.  It is through that relationship that we have the authority to NOT ONLY love our children but to give them the foundation in Christ that the world is working double-time to destroy!

I'm glad I didn't know all that the future held 27 years ago when I sat in that photographer's chair.  I feel honored though that God loved me enough to make two more just like me.

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Who do you look like?  Not only on the outside but on the inside?  If someone invested in you…..perhaps, you owe them a THANK YOU!

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