Is This For Real?

In my head, I had this dreamy wish that someday (like, my 25th wedding anniversary) my hubby would lavish me with a blingy flashy 3 stone ring that would WOW anyone within a 25 foot radius!  When the big day came along and there was NO RINGY ON MY FINGY…..I thought the dream was just that, a dream!

Besides, we were camping!  How in the world is a man supposed to come up with a big honking diamond ring in the middle of a campground?  For the last 25 years, I have been amazed time and time again by my hubby's sneaky surprises.  He is the master of trying to blow my mind with his "great ideas"!  The only problem?  HE CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!!!  He gets way too excited!  He can't hold it in!  One of our children (no need to mention names) has the same syndrome!!!

So, as time went by on the camping excursion……sadness began to steal my joy!  I didn't whine or pout, but inside my heart…disappointment was rubbing a hole that I worried would become a huge obstacle to my happiness.  Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby even if he never gave me wonderful gifts.  It's just that the mind, it does things… teams up with the heart which leads to dreams and wishes.  I was wishing for a gorgeous ring.

The good thing about my relationship with my hubby is that I know there isn't anything he wouldn't do or give me if he could.  The blingy ringy?  Was probably on his mind long before mine because that's just who he is.  He's a dreamer!  He's a giver!  And he's always looking for ways to show me just how much.

So, on our way "home" from our anniversary week get-away camping adventure…..he pulled into a Jared's.  The hungry salespeople pounced on us immediately and were fetching diamonds left and right.  It was a fun experience and I found a pretty special ring that we both felt okay about.  Still…..something said, "Wait!".  We decided to go eat lunch and look around.  Inside the mall we found 6 different jewelry shops.  All of them equipped with pushy salespeople gnawing at our ankles.  I tried to tell each of them, "I'LL KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT!".

That's the thing about dreams.  They are specific and if you know me….I'm not willing to toss out what I REALLY WANT very easily.

Finally, after hitting all the "jewelry" stores….I asked the clerk where to find the closest restroom.  She directed me down to the Macy's and off we went.  Never have I been so thankful for my old lady bladder!  As we were walking out of the Macy's we detoured through the jewelry department.  Did you know, Macy's has diamonds?  Like gorgeous diamonds?  And right now, a HUGE DIAMOND SALE?

Me either!

We spotted a few shiny darlin's that we wanted to look at but the salesclerk was busy helping a college chicky pick out some costume jewels to match some dress she had in a shopping bag.  So we waited….

And waited….

It was worth it!  I found THE ONE!

2014-09-18 15.55.51

I still can't believe it!  I love it!  I love every single unique detail!  I'm overwhelmed with excitement!  I am so glad I waited and waited and waited!  But, I'm even more glad that God gave me a man who makes all my dreams come true!

Thank you Honey!  I love you and I am so proud of you.  Your hard work blesses my life!  You are the greatest gift I've ever recieved!

2014-09-18 15.56.09

I think he's trying to figure out which kid to sell at this point.  Time to pay up, sucker!

2014-09-18 15.56.27

Sweet sassy molassey!  It is blingy!

I can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!  It will be a few weeks for the sizing.  I didn't want to take it and have to carry it around then give it back forever to be sized.  Like ripping off the bandaid…..I just let it stay!  KILLING ME!!!

Good news though…it will be here before my birthday!!!  Yippee!


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